KWJ eco-sensor acquisition and development of MEMS sensors

Woodbridge, New Jersey
November 11, 2014 8:43pm CST
Eco Sensor Mentioned eco sensor, Our first impression is that it is a registered trademark of ecological sensor of KWJ Engineering Division, which is second to none in the world, especially in low-cost ozone detection equipment. In January 28, 2008, KWJ engineering company located in Newark, California, after the successful acquisition of eco-sensor company, headquartered in Santa Fe, NM. Using the most gas sensing instrument patented MEMS and nanotechnology designed to achieve high performance gas detection systems. Currently there are more than 25 KWJ gas sensors and instrumentation patent portfolio. Development of MEMS sensors Further development and application of ecological sensor on the phone, such as Nokia Eco Sensor phone, but also a breakthrough. In this era of health requirements, the Nokia Eco Sensor is undoubtedly keep up with the trend. SensorDynamics gyroscope inertial sensor technology occupy a large market share, and has many MEMS sensor technology patents. May carry forward its sensors and MEMS technology research and development strengths, which with Maxim's huge production, distribution and marketing resources, it can quickly occupy the inertial sensor, Wi-Fi and a leading market position in the sensor interface. In the rapid development of this sensor with the urgent requirement of society, the development and utilization of this will never stop. Are interested in, then you can pay attention on the lower sensor Past, Present and Furture, you will have unexpected gains.In terms of sensor parts, yasurs give you some guidelines.
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