Some of the common fiber optic connectors (3)

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
November 12, 2014 12:53am CST
(3) DIN4 fiber-optic connectors This is a connector developed by Germany. Fiber optic manufacturer in china think that this connector uses pins and coupling sleeve structure size and same type FC, face grinding treatment using PC mode. Compared with the FC connector, and its structure is more complex, with the internal metal structure of the control pressure spring, can be avoided due to excessive pressure and damage the plug end faces. In addition, this high precision mechanical connector, which intervenes in a smaller loss value. (4) MT-RJ connectors best fiber optic cable Started in the MT-RJ connector MT NTT developed with the LAN RJ-45 electrical connector of the same type of latch mechanism, by a small tube mounted on both sides of the guide pins to align the fibers, optical transceivers in order to facilitate the that is connected, two-core optical fiber connector end (interval 0.75mm) arranged in design, is the next-generation high-density optical connector mainly used for data transmission. Buy fiber optic patch cord is right if you need. (5) LC-type connectors LC-type connectors are famous Bell Research Institute developed using modular jack made Easy operation (RJ) latch mechanism. Pin and sleeve size it uses a common SC, FC, etc. Half the size, is 1.25mm. This can improve the light in the optical fiber patch panel connector density. Nowadays, in terms of single-mode SFF, LC type connectors actually have occupied a dominant position, apply in respect of multimode also growing rapidly.
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