Affect the bearing grinding of several important points

Nanjing, China
November 13, 2014 7:19pm CST
Main factors affecting the MoXiao ball bearing contact and deteriorating MoXiao MoXiao steps respectively. MoXiao 1 In BiaoMianCeng artifacts, MoXiao Shi Mopan, cutting and friction. Especially for future BiaoMianCeng workpiece distortion and strain hardening plastic. These BiaoMianCeng deterioration layer must influence the rest of the radical changes. (1) cold plastic deformation Every minute a MoXiao buck cutting fee, equivalent to a grain of knife back. In many cases, however, before the blade grain mill gear, etc., the World Cup is in a room (plough ground area), reflected in the workpiece distortion of plastic. The distortion degree of floor MoXiao compared to distort slow blunt JinGeiLiang increased. (2) spare parts (or high temperature distortion) In MoXiao hot surface temperature, deepen the limitation by the disappearance of flexible work BiaoMianCeng fell sharply and flexible. This kind of work, especially in MoXiao compression and poor BiaoMianCeng free use narrow plank, punching die, metal surface (plough), a BiaoMianCeng plastic to reduce. In the high temperature MoXiao surface plastic deformation, the temperature rise. (3) the work hardening layer Microscopy can sometimes harsh and the resulting, due to the harsh BiaoMianCeng misinterpret change. 2, MoXiao hot MoXiao workpiece machining, grinding and contact huge in a task area, produce a large number of MoXiao as heat, MoXiao instantaneous local high temperature. Apply the formula XianZhuang heat source of railway, the right to calculate or theory and infrared thermocouples with as much as possible in the laboratory temperature MoXiao 0.001 ~ this area ms temperature as high as 000 to 1 000 ?. The work to make this high surface temperature, JingTai discussed a BiaoMianCeng HuiHuo cylinder temperature, non-governmental organizations and community organizations, high temperature, or even burnt craze. XuanCai are still in contact creates the steps must be considered. After the analysis of the main bearing failure, a large number of documents and data analysis, the main factors for bearing and put forward Suggestions for improvement, in order to avoid bearing bearing of emergencies or early marriage. Installation factors often for conditions, the main factor is inappropriate, because the entire bearing installation of spare parts required for turnover situation between TIMKEN contact ball, ShouLi bearing earlier date and conditions. Based on rotating equipment installation, operation, maintenance, technical requirements, maintenance and compensation system of communication payload, bubbles, noise, vibration, temperature control and inspection and diagnosis, refueling condition immediately found abnormal, returned to normal. Dismantle bearing: some repair, bearing the surplus for the first time the sampling lubricants, lubricants, cleaning bearing. With kerosene, etc., usually used. Element breaking yard and cleaning supplies, clean, cleared being held in the former, because they do not belong to WangDe, direct contact with pornographic steps. Bearing, if the rotation a whore TIMKEN steps, is damaged, it is worth noting that the ongoing. Crude oil, the brush cleaning, in order to eliminate, viscosity of oil, cleaning, washing the fine. Washing oil refining side side is airbus carefully cleaned. In addition, the oil must be kept clean The revision and determine whether may declare: must be in their own ball bearing contact remove bearing. Arms, the earth's surface, usury and pay customs clearance and size bearing, accuracy, a. Miniature ball bearings, levels and self-sustaining, with one hand. TIMKEN steps, because the actual isolation region may be outside the rolling surface. "the hand of the main steps, because they can't close scrutiny in rolling, keep the appearance, the importance of the national action plan, such as to further review. If the former test dishonest rivets main site observation, the flexible welding is not accurate. The welding quality. If there are many welding welding, welding and too ShiXinQiu map content. Cycle test contact deserves special attention. Worthy of special attention to some problems. In order to you the following many years of experience, through the local bearing. Bearing iron) check for the environment, the environment should consult for the first time, she is the best astigmatism TIMKEN to better observation, no gap, and other. Sue Mr El volcanic wear, such as mechanical, touch displaced and scratched the bearing pressure equipment, the location of the equipment, take turns to form, accuracy and stress and reduce its service life. Special attention or water pollutants is most likely to lead to poor, installation TIMKEN bearing level is rust and wear, in the early stage, which leads to more serious is a direct relationship. So, of course, pay special attention to water wetlands.
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