Mini Breaks replaces long vacations.

Bhavnagar, India
November 15, 2014 1:25am CST
Companies world over see a new trend, where employees prefer frequent mini breaks rather than a long vacation. It also ensures continuity of work. Employees are seen to take leave in small measures, spread them across the year. Recently a multy national firm found from a survey that more than 30% of it's employees were now spreading their leave throughout the year. Five years back, this percentage was less than 10%. This is also one of the main characteristic of younger generation's working style. This is good, because it indicates that employees are thinking about life beyond work by taking leave more frequently. This trend is good for boosting productivity. With an open culture and younger employees coming to board, it is good sign that they feel it is okay to take frequent leave. This was not the case 10 years back. Earlier people used to accumulate leave and take bulk leaves during a certain time of the year. At organisation with a large younger employees their trend is more prominent. This also ensures continuity of work in the best possible manner. People who take such mini breaks have more happy memories then those who holiday for an extended period of time.
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