The clinic has decided to offer free consultation
Noida, India
November 17, 2014 1:56am CST
Dr. Amna Shebani a Pediatric dentist in Carnas was present in a meeting held in the clinic backyard to address the media professionals regarding announcements the free consultation services the clinic has decided to offer for children below 7 years of age. Dr. Amna Shebani a dentist with Dentistry for children said the following words “The clinic has been in the business for several years. It is one of the most acclaimed kid’s dentistry in Washougal and if one is looking for a good Pediatric Dentist in Carnas for the dental related problems of their kids then it is the right place for you. The clinic authorities are well aware of the fact that most of the people avoid going to a dentist because of the high consultation fees. As an initiative the clinic authorities have decided to offer free consultation services to its clients. The consultation services will include check up of the kids, evaluating the problem and suggesting suitable treatment to treat the same. The authorities have decided to forego its consultation fees after it has heard about the concerns and worries of its clients regarding the high consultation fees dentists these days charge.” Dentistry for children is a clinic which caters to treating dental problems related to kids. The clinic has a team of experienced paediatricians who have all the necessary qualifications and experience to treat young children with enough care and patience. They are competent to treat the most complex of the children’s dental problems. The clinic has an atmosphere which is quite alluring for the kids and every effort is made to make their visit to a dentist’s clinic a pleasurable experience. Even the staffs at the clinic are quite good with dealing with children’s by making them feel comfortable. They are quite well versed to handle the varied behavioural and psychological aspects of children. The clinic is a licensed one and is built with all the modern facilities. All the latest tools and equipments are there in the clinic and the doctors too are capable of handling the equipments. The doctors also on their side make sure that the kids visit to the dentist is quite a pain free experience and they would look forward to visit the dentist in future. About: Dentistry for children one of the best kid’s dental clinic in Vancouver, Washougal, Carnas and the nearby areas. The clinic has been a well known one and has a long list of regular clientele. It has one of the best Pediatric dentists employed with it who have hands on experience of treating the most severe of the cases. The clinic has been well equipped with the most modern amenities and ensures to make the kids visit to a dentist’s a pleasurable one.
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