How to get an best performance and price hdmi splitter for your HDTV ?

Beijing, China
November 19, 2014 12:57am CST
I have an HDTV and Xbox 360.But i want to manage it at same time as hdmi signal output. Just this. I need to buy a two way hdmi splitter at the end of a five metre cable. Prices range from a few pounds to many tens of pounds.But i know some other information about it from other websites. A splitter (or bridge) is different.There are simple passive splitter cables,but they get very poor owner reviews.Technically,it's a very bad way to divide a source signal into multiple outputs.The right way to do that is with an active bridge, which would cost the higher price you cited.And again,there would be little application for something like that--maybe taking the output of a satellite PVR and feeding it to a TV and a second stand-alone recorder for some reason. Anyone has other opinion for hdmi splitter ? Please share with us. This article is provided by
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