Measures to reduce the consumption of roller bearing

Nanjing, China
November 23, 2014 7:15pm CST
Peng Guangkai Wang Huili forever. 1. The roll bearing assembly (1) assembly of the standard. Bearing assembly has been completed, the core content of comprehensive measure is: if you don't take advantage of the new bearing control standard 0.45 ~ 0.7 mm again using bearing to enjoy special circumstances market ~ 0.8 mm. Key requirements cap bearing and mother door compression "reptilian" at home and abroad. By coat bearing cover gasket increase or decrease swim big adjustment. (2) assembly cleaning and inspection. Every time there is bearing, SKF 6203 Bearings Size seat in the front of the assembled clean, road can dredge the high pressure oil oil field inner product purge clean and oil will remain. Check the bearing inside and outside the door, to maintain the body and rolling parts, confirm the assembly facts. According to wear outside rotation area of load position, generally speaking, each back to rotate around 90 °. Check o, the shape of the lips closed, in areas such as the guarantee without damage and elastic. Check bearing cover and lip shape, the roughness of sealing contact and wear on the surface of the parts of the requirements of a smooth surface without defects, the wear degree is only 1.2 mm, guarantee the normal work of the labial form sealing pressure than normal person (30 ~ 40%). (3) before assembly, check within the bearing seat with absolute size and cylindricity wear. Phi 600 mm in diameter of 0.35 mm, more than the values specified in the phi phi 450 mm, 560 mm diameter hole over the standard 0.3 mm, phi 380 inner hole diameter is 0.2 mm more than standard not be put into use. Four kinds of bearing hole diameter in the smallest diameter of 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm. You can't use. (4) before assembly, check the big entrance to entrance of phi bearing abrasion of a roll neck size is 560 mm less than 0.5 mm, size 450 mm roll is less than the standard 0.4 mm, phi 380 mm roll size less than standard 0.3 mm to avoid is put to use. But the 380 mm phi rubber high enclosed supplementary method. (5) all bearing cover installation, adjustment after the rubber sealing gasket seal should be to prevent the bearing into the water. (6) no matter what way, bearing heating, hot temperature shall not exceed 120 ?. (7) check, flexible colloid effectiveness to ensure whether the normal use. 2. The use of the bearing and protection. (1) bearing should possess the mind says, in order to avoid the roll according to the bearing and the main deformation, regularly check the adjustment of the side yard after the memorial arch window plate base, inner hole shaft bearing, bearing inner hole cylindricity coincide. In order to reduce the impact is often especially operation between horizontal bearing seat and the arch to achieve axis, no gap is fixed. Try to minimize horizontal and clearance of the bearing, the window of the temple, thermal slow heartbeat axis on the impact of the bearing. In order to reduce the impact of the corresponding to shaft roller device is improved, by the original way to open the door, bolt fixed clamp ceremony. (2) the lubrication bearing condition and damaged early important factors. Entrance cycle) greater Greece's replacement cycle, production period of the bearing inner regularly add new high temperature grease. Current assistant fat cycle of 1-6, in the four days of talks, in 7 to 10 3, 11 ~ 13 for two days. In addition, the actual operation of the adjustment, "watch out the pollution of waste cooking oil and the bearing running noise, methods of measuring temperature, lubrication to consider the situation. The Greek use extremely 1 item for the foundation, this kind of fat body of high heat and cool, high temperature resistance, good mechanical stability, water resistance and temperature - 20 ~ 120 ?. In practice, it can be seen that for small continuous assistant fat is removed in coarse wire mill roll bearing the ideal fat lubrication method can effectively improve the service life of the bearing. Through continuous exploration and improvement of roll bearing assembly, use, maintenance, the production line of roll bearing the average service life will be increased to 200000 tons from 120000 t steel.
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