Xerox offering late night t-shirt printing services
Noida, India
November 24, 2014 4:47am CST
Xerox, 24 November, 2014- The managing director of Xerox printing announced that the company has decided to offer t-shirt printing same day services late at night along with late night photo studio for those who need instant passport size photographs. The announcement was made in a meeting held in a hotel in London. The Managing Director of Xerox Printing said the following words “ T-shirt is a trend catching up much these days. Most of the young brigade aims to get t-shirts printed to spread a message or some kind of awareness during some rally or event, and some get eye catchy slogans printed on t-shirts to grab eyeballs. In short getting a picture or slogan printed on the t-shirts, helps stand out and give a clear message. Xerox printing has decided to offer t-shirt printing on the same day if one needs it in urgency. There will no extra charges that will be charged for that. The company also provides the facility of late night photo studio for those who want to sport a picture of their loved one on their t-shirts. So if one does not have time from their busy schedules during a day can come in during odd hours and can get their work done at the earliest possible.” Xerox Printing provides late night photocopying and printing services to its clients. The company has been functioning for over a decade and have hands on experience in dealing in the industry. It is one of the very few shops in London that work during odd hours and provides services like: • Photocopying and printing of various documents like dissertation, theses, etc. of any size in the best quality. • Picture framing services for those who want to keep intact the beauty of their family pictures. • Scanning various documents in high resolution and making individual correction to rectify the original pictures or documents. • T-shirt printing services on the same day. Certain slogan in varied formats or pictures can be printed on t-shirts. • Encapsulation services to keep the picture or a document safe from normal wear and tear or damage through water spilling over, etc. • Lamination and binding services to keep a photocopy and printed documents safe and prevent from scattering by binding them in the form of a booklet. • Instant passport a size photograph facility. • Photo processing and restoration services to bring life into an old and dull photograph and make it into a brand new one. About: Xerox Printing is a company formed 45 years ago and has hands-on experience in printing and photography industry. The company has created a niche for itself as a late night service providers for those who need printing, photocopy, photo restoration and binding services in urgency during odd hours. It is a one stop shop for all the printing and photocopy needs and aims to provide high-quality services to its clients at an affordable price.
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