Hdmi splitter for HD PVR Gaming Edtion 2.Like Xbox 360 or PS4

Beijing, China
November 25, 2014 2:03am CST
I have a quick question about hdmi splitter.Would using an hdmi splitter so my Xbox is connected to the capture card and my tv at the same time cause any issues with playing it ? You know. If i do it. I must have reason what i do that. The reason I am wanting this is because unless you have the PVR 2 connected to your PC you have no signal and therefore can't play the Xbox by an hdmi splitter, and the way I have my leads setup it isn't easy to change and swap cables around. Certainly, There is another condition.This is how I imagine I could setup the hdmi splitter and if I have figured it out correctly I could be playing on HDMi 1 on my Xbox without the PVR being on at all, and then if I wanted to record/stream I could just turn the capture card on, connect it to my laptop and get started. This article is provided by
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