Ebola entered India

Bhavnagar, India
November 26, 2014 11:10pm CST
Yes, our fear has turned into reality, when a 26 year old man landed at Delhi was tested positive for Ebola. Questions are raised in many circles about India's preparedness to fight this deadly disease. Although the man has now been kept isolated at Delhi, their is wide spread lack of confidence in country's public health care system to tackle such an out break. It is to be seen how government increases it's defense against Ebola. As is done in Nigeria and Senegal, India needs to enforce strict monitoring of travellers coming from affected nations. There are only two centres - at Delhi and Pune - where laboratory facilities to test for the disease are available. This is too meager and steps should be taken to have one such testing facility in each state. We must not forget that because of extreme poor healthcare system, Ebola outbreak was so wide spread in West Africa
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