How to choose the best smartphone from on-line

Shenzhen, China
November 27, 2014 3:47am CST
Smartphones are the ultimate way to stay in touch with others. Beyond the usual faction simple voice and tests, a good smartphone can let you share calendar, social network updates, send email and make video calls through the fast internet connection. They can play games, listen to music, and watch TV or movie, and take photos and videos. They also can scan the web pages just you do with computer. We also can buy some apps we like, which have not the basic of smartphone’s factions. Yup! Smartphone is very expensive, generic smartphone cost around $200 - $850, while with more and more people like to shopping on-line with smartphone, how to choose the best smartphone from on-line ? And what do we care most about a smartphone. When we think to buy a phone, we may choose a suite operating system for you, in the marketing which filling with iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and Winds Phone. While in those operating system, only one smartphone used iOS system, that’s Apple. Only on BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry OS system has strong support for messaging and email. Winds Phone system is use among Nokia, Samsung and HTC, the most popular smartpone system is android. Today I will tell you how to choose a android operating system’s smartphone. I think you should take a think of following features when you choose a smartphone on-line The size of the phone screen – different size of phone screen makes a big different to you use. You can easy to use in one-hand phone with the screens between 4 to 4.5-inches, while they are not so comfortable for you scan web pages or watching TV and videos. If you want to more suitable you can buy a larger phone with 5 to 6-inchs, but you must used on tables or two hands. What size decides for you! Colorful and sharp display – a good screen quality can give you a wonderful Visual enjoyment and high distinguish rate. Battery life –Smartphones require lots of power to run. Sporting high- resolution screens and powerful processors, they across the internet sending information come and back all the day. This places a great high demands on the phone’s battery. Powerful processor –a Smartphone’s heat is processor. A fast processor makes a phone more responsive, and work faster, also can run several apps at once. 3G and 4G internet – whether smartphones place access to the internet at the centre of the smartphone experience, making them ideal for browsing reading email, web pages, downloading apps, streaming video, and more. Storage capacity – Storage space dictates how many photos, apps, music files, ect. You can fit on your phone. Different prices smartphone have different storage capacity, cheaper smartphone may come with 2GB to 8GB of the internal storage. While better one while come with 16GB, 32GB or even reach 64 GB. If you have a large demand of storage, you can consider you smartphone with a microSD, as this you can storage more information you like. App store – which have the ability to download and run small software programs, it really makes a Smartphone useful, most of Apps are free, some cost less than $1. So it’s easily for you to download the Apps as you like. Camera – most people use Smartphone camera to take photos, and it can be said the most popular faction for us, especially for woman. Today, we can hard find a Smartphone without a camera. You can find a suit pixel and sensor types you like. Of cause, choosing a Smartphone from on-line except consider the above features, also need to consider the credibility and ability of an on-line store, price, brand, original made, who use, and so on.
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