All Things Content is looking for new writers

Adrian, Missouri
November 30, 2014 12:33pm CST
I thought I would pass this one to other writers on Mylot since I love to share. I came across an ad the other day from a company called All Things Content. They are currently a new company looking for good, English fluent writers to build online portfolios for their future clients. They will be paying writers $5 per article sold(minus the $1 fee) they take per article sold. It seems like a pretty decent site. It's in beta right now, but they send payments to your paypal every time one of your articles is sold. You don't have to wait on your money, which is pretty awesome. They also pay per view, like Mylot used to. If you guys are interested you can visit Make sure you enter password "oceanblue" so that you can get through to the inquiry page. I applied this morning, and got a response back this afternoon
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