The main unique features of PVC

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
December 2, 2014 12:09am CST
PVC is a widely used chemical material.Now, PVC film wholesale in the market is became more and more populared.Why so many company choose to be the producer of the PVC,and why a lot of customer are tend to select this material.Let me tell you the main features of the PVC. First is as an amorphous material, gethered the advantages of moisture absorption, poor mobility, in order to improve mobility, prevent air bubbles, should advance to dry and so on.The second is it easy to decompose, especially at elevated temperatures in contact with steel, copper easier decomposition (decomposition temperature of 200 degrees).When you are now having a plan to buy pharmaceutical PVC film,you should not only know this features,those following also important.Forming small temperature range, the material temperature must be strictly controlled. Original name of pharmaceutical PVC, are basic chemical raw materials.Thermoforming can be made transparent thin-walled containers or for vacuum packaging, is an excellent packaging materials and decorative materials.Third is that when using screw injection machine and straight nozzle aperture should be large, to prevent stagnation dead material.The last but not least,die casting system should be thick, the gate should be large cross-section, the mold should be cooled, the mold temperature 30-60 degrees, the material temperature 160-190. Just because it has these characteristics above, it is widely used in the production of life. Such a good material, can be made a lot of high-quality products, such as PVC sheets for folding box,PVC plastic plates, if you need these products, please visit us, will not let you down.
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