Filial piety

Tokyo, China
December 2, 2014 7:56pm CST
No matter how successful you are, you should remember that filial piety is very important for us, it is not only because others tells us it is a virtue, but it benefits us from all aspects. In the highly competitive modern society, we are work under high pressure, it is impossible for us to return home early like when we are young and call them frequently, even more, we need our parents’ understandings, we received too much and forget how to give. It is essential to communicate with parents and build a emotional bound, no deliberates. Nowadays, there are so many channels to communicate, it turns to us to take full advantages of all these channels, so that parents will get some relief in mind. After the retirement of parents, we no longer need parents to care too much, but we need to give parents spiritual support, we can advise them to activities such as dance class, painting class and so on, these activities are benefit both for physical and mental. Teaching parents how to use computers, helping them to registered social communication tools, these ways will help them to connect with the outside world, as well as help them make new friends. Overall, we should be more understanding and think ourselves into parents’ mind.
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