A story about mobile phone

Jiayu S2l
Woodbridge, New Jersey
December 3, 2014 2:29am CST
Troubled times, caused by Mobile phone. In this article would like to give the people pay attention to. This is a story hapended in the bus. I have the hobbit of playing mobile phone when I take a bus. And especially that day I use a new phone, called Jiayu S2l, which I just bought three days. I was chatting with my best friend on the Skype. Suddenly, the phone actually fly out. And the bus slowly forward, arrived station, flung the brakes and the bus suddenly a burst of noisy. At this time, everyone was shocked by the flu mobile phone from behind. A white and oblong phone, if hit people, there will be a little heavy. I saw the mobile phone made a force of the movement, and formation radian forward. The all on the bus are so nervous that immediately utter silence. And they were avoid the phone at the speed of light. A heavy boom heard, and my phone lying there at the foot of a handsome boy, who was awaked from the heavy boom. All the people pointing to the ground, he smiled and picked up my phone. Luckily, all the things are all right, including my phone. From above, everything can be happened. Now Christmas is coming, and many places will be crowed, especially in public places, including public cars, we should pay attention to safety.
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