The Equality in Life is when Honesty Can be Appreciated, Loyalty is Gained.

Poetry by Jan Jansen - The Equality in Life is when Honesty Can be Appreciated, Loyalty is Gained
Bangkok, Thailand
December 3, 2014 3:45am CST
Fairness and justice with equal rights are very important for us to find the way of valued truth, but if we abused it, then we can forget the loyalty. It is very important to have the right relationships in our environment with a relaxed feeling where trust and respect predominates and this is a must for all of us. Everyone is equal and not separated by the cultural background or abilities they have, and there should always be a compromises sought for everyone’s consciousness. So it is cheerful for everyone to be present at this location, on this place we can come across positive things, so it is very important to keep the good feeling among us. Be loyal to each other is so important in our life in order not to overload our senses with the hard feeling by experiencing or hearing from the unpleasant things. It is normal that everything always has to be balance among themselves, by then we can enhance the joy and good band without having to get excited about something which is unreal or not essential. We also do not have to put everything on the scales but there must be a balance between relationship we have with each other to be assessed for the equality value. If anyone knows his rank and thereafter behaves by respecting others in a fair and venerable way, then the problem almost never can be arise. To earn loyalty from others, we should treat everyone with equality and fairness, provided that there are agreements or rules which must then be valued and pursued. With honesty, appreciation and respect without discrimination, the loyalty can be easily accessible for everyone. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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