Getting a Premises License in the UK

Ujjain, India
December 5, 2014 5:25am CST
Planning to open a pub? Want to provide live entertainment? Are you looking to put on a play performance? If so, according to the Licensing Act of 2003, you are required to get a premises licensein the UK. According to this act, a premises license uk is required if you are planning to supply alcohol, provide any form of regulated entertainment or late night refreshments. Regulated entertainment includes a live music performance, boxing or wrestling event, the performance of a play, or exhibition of a film, among many other types of entertainment. To apply for a premises licensein the UK, you must provide several different things such as an operating schedule. You must also appoint a designated premises supervisor. The operating schedule should consist of the licensable activities conducted on your premises, the times the licensable activities will take place, other times the premises are open, and much more. Your designated premises supervisor must hold a personal license, and should be the person in charge of daily operations on your premises. If you are looking to obtain a premises license or even a personal license, one company can help. Innpacked is one of the UK’s top training providers. Their licensing consultants offer assistance in applying for your license. They will take over and guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure everything is completed without a hassle. The consultants at Innpacked can also help you make a change to your premises license if you need. The premises license variation is required if you make a change such as varying the hours that a licensable activity will occur or adding a licensable activity. Innpacked can help process your variation application. Your licensing consultant will also assist you in applying for a temporary events notice. This notice is required if you plan to hold a temporary event with the sale of alcohol or a licensable activity. No matter what type of license you are looking for Innpacked can help. When you book your premises license with Innpacked, they will process your personal license for free. Innpacked also offers training courses for the Award for Personal License Holder or APLH. This course is required for those who wish to obtain their personal licence and is offered throughout the UK. Innpacked also offers APLH at-home study for those who are unable to attend the training at Innpacked’s facilities. Innpacked is well-known for their training courses and for their top-notch licensing department. They will help you through every step of the licensing application process and let you know what is required from you. For more information on Innpacked and their premises license service. visit us
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