The newst news of fiber optic manufacture in China

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
December 10, 2014 12:32am CST
For years, Chinese fiber optic cable industry is very optimistic about the industry, especially in urban optical networks, 4G networks and raise the popularity of optical fiber and cable industry, but also to the tremendous market potential. However, fiber optic manufacture in China also reported excess capacity in recent years, lack of independent intellectual property rights, low technical content, less competitive and other issues, we can see that the fiber optic cable industry also has to have to think about the transformation of a pinch. Obviously, in the long term, the development of optical fiber and cable market outlook is very broad, such as after a big rise of 3G network construction, with fiber-optic network from the backbone to the access network expansion, proliferation, and to the customer premises MAN continue to extend the network, Fiber optic cable supplier digital cable broadband market has been tremendous growth. Obviously, information and communication industry is a vibrant and dynamic sunrise industry, with a strong network of economic vitality, development of information skills, networking skills, and is still the main driving force for social progress, the information network is still the world's economic, social development the strong trend. Therefore, we should build confidence, seize opportunities in the global economy improves communications market recovery and favorable conditions for development of the western region and promote greater progress fiber optic cables and communication cables acquired skills and industry. A variety of skills, and communication cables with best fiber optic adaptor or fiber optic cable products and results will get to play in the Western power grid construction. At the same time of the construction of the western contemporary products for our many new challenges, fiber optic cable, and the cable industry in the development of the western region will also get the chance of a better transformation and innovation, and promote their own skill level and grow.
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