Notable Australian Athlete Erik Surjan

Perth, Australia
December 12, 2014 3:17am CST
Obtaining and maintaining any sort of notable success in the world of athletics requires a high level of determination, focus and practice. Formerly a successful member of the Australian athletic community, Erik Surjan continually demonstrated the characteristics and work ethic of a true competitor, someone who understood the dedication and practice that is required to maintain a high level of competitiveness, and to consistently earn a spot in the winner’s circle. Erik Surjan not only survived the often intense pressure of competition, he thrived. He consistently achieved at a high level in such events as long jump competitions, the discus throw, shotput and various track races, such as the 1500, 400 and 100 Metre events. Surjan, a driven and competitive athlete, even achieved the remarkable time of 10.91 seconds during a 100 Metre dash, occurring at the 2004 Perth competition. Though his career was abruptly halted by injury, his successes in track and field competitions were numerous, and earned him status and recognition as one of the best to have ever competed in the Australian athletic community. Erik Surjan applies the same work ethic and determination that made him such a successful local athlete to his pursuit of a professional acting career, one he hopes will someday earn him the same level of recognition and respect he received as an athlete. As he knows, many of the same factors that lead to athletic success, such as practice, preparation and drive, have the same application in the field of acting, and are crucial towards the success of anyone with aspirations of a successful acting career. Visit here -
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