Divine Vision of a Mystic Saint

Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji
New Delhi, India
December 19, 2014 3:02am CST
As the filming of the show ‘Secrets of Ayurvigyan’ advanced, my mystical experiences unexpectedly began to escalate and took me to realms beyond my logical comprehension and existing barometers of perception or beliefs. We would shoot well past midnight and continue till dawn broke. On one fine morning after pack up was announced and the day’s session of filming ended, Gurudev surprised me by coming up to me suddenly, and said. “Leave the premises along with your team immediately. Swamiji, has arrived. He is sitting in the next room. He will leave this place if you don’t move at once.” We complied with reverent deference to his request and left hurriedly in a dazed, confused state. At best I was confused with this abrupt turn of events and at the worst my mind raced ahead with a torrent of questions within me. The conflict rising within my mind and heart was intrigued at the abruptness of this new inexplicable development. Bewildered and amazed the queries within me remained unanswered.. Who is this Swami ji? When did he arrive? How did Gurudev learn of his arrival? A few days later, the whole episode of the unpredicted arrival of Swami ji happened again. This time, I was determined to ask Gurudev about this divine, but mysterious Swami ji and clarify my inner most doubts about his very existence. Gurudev’s reply confounded me. “Swamiji can come any time,” Gurudev calmly explained, “and since he is a divine soul therefore he remains invisible, and a naïve, unevolved human mind cannot sense his arrival and presence. But I can see the vision of Swami ji. It is an intrinsic part of his mystic being and nature that he want to be reclusive and doesn’t like anyone around him. He goes away if I don’t pay attention or inadvertently don’t acknowledge his presence. God willing, and with His blessing, I will try to make you meet Swami ji very soon”. Several days flew by as we progressed further, blissfully engrossed in our TV project. Swamiji continued his mysterious visits. I became introspective and reserved and kept my own counsel, and did not voice my personal doubts or try to express my uncertainties on what seemed to be unfathomable, with Gurudev anymore. One day I went to Gurudev’s residence for some work. The intercom rang at the reception. Gurudev was on the line. Speaking softly, in a low-keyed voice, Gurudev said “Come to my room silently without making any noise. Kumar Swamiji is here! He has asked me to call you here. Come over and greet Swami ji”. As I entered Gurudev’s room, I saw a divine soul sitting in very simple attire on a mat. He was reading a book. Gurudev was also sitting beside him peacefully. I touched Swamiji’s and then Gurudev’s feet. Swami ji kept on reading the book before him, silently. Gurudev indicated by a gesture that I sit down. We all sat for a while in total silence. Gurudev then indicated that I leave the room. I obeyed, touched the lovely feet of Swami ji & Gurudev and then left the room. Swamiji didn’t look up at me at all. He was still absorbed in reading the book. Visit here for more information : http://www.shivayoga.net/h-h-shri-kumarswamiji-life-sketch/
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