Allahabad, India
December 20, 2014 1:15am CST
DownUp +1 Abstain myself to take a break, me and you together we made. Making castle during reverie, procrastinating things for you and me. Always cahooting to talk, ohh baby!!!I love you alot. Teasing,fighting,flirting we did all, you have me since long. Like flowing water time moves, you wispering-”darling come soon”. Singing songs which reminds me of you, always lost in the memories of your hues. Like glitters my eyes sparkle, like snow my hearl melts. Like birds i always sing, you are just like a serene wind. I wish i could find a place, where me and you can forever stay. You have made me someone else which i was not before, everyday is making me love you more.
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