Basic tour to playing bubble football

Shijiazhuang, China
December 22, 2014 1:50am CST
1. Please download the test report 2. Is there any age limitation of the game? Ages over 5 years old. Bubble ball soccer 3. what is the roles? No official rules but do not two people ware only one bubble football suit. 4. what is the size? typically, three sizes: S : 1.2M 1M ( 4' Dia 3.3' ) M:1.5M 1.3M (5' Dia 4.3' ) L : 1.7M 1.5M (5.6' Dia 5' ) 5. can I add my own logo Yes and it is fee. 6. Any dangerous? Much safer than normal soccer/football 7. can I cancel my order? bubble football No, after you payed, you can not cancel it. Practice ball is the most basic, fostering ball sense and skills, as you can using the foot, thigh and head bounce 100 More times without landing are almost the same. While practicing physical qualities, mostly running. Endurance run, varied pace, acceleration runs, shuttle run, increased speed and leg strength. Attached: Complex technical action is the sport’s main content. Not only in the game requires skill of dominate the ball, grab the ball, but also to be able to dominate the ball and scramble for the ball, action action. Is also the kind of consistent with reasonable rules during the match with the ball and without the ball movements in today’s complex and volatile football offensive and defensive techniques. Football skills technique with the ball and without the ball technology can be divided into two broad categories. - See more at:
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