The 5 most important things modeling agencies look for in potential models

United States
December 22, 2014 9:11pm CST
•Facial Features - Top agencies are interested in models with stricking, unique features. This may or may not always align with society's standard of 'classic beauty' but a face that stands out and is memorable is key. •Height- Modeling agencies are very strict about height requirements. The average height of a female model is 5' 9"- 5' 11" and male model 5' 10"- 6' 2" •Size- We all have varying shapes so the exact size requirement of a potential model is dependent on his/her height and body type. Most models fall between sizes 0-4 with (Bust 32-35)(Waist 23-26) (Hip 33-35) •Age- The general rule is that the younger a model starts her/his career, the better her/his chances are of succeeding. Average age of a female runway model is between 15-19 years. •Personality- Modeling is a highly competitive industry so having a personality that attracts people to you in a positive way is important to agencies as it makes their job of promoting you easier.
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