Latest Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool

Delhi, India
December 23, 2014 2:42am CST
An Indomitable Pen Drive Data recovery tool is always recommended while using the Pen Drive as this utility is proficient in recovering the lost, deleted, damaged or corrupted data via its robust technology. Noteworthy feature of the tool: Complete & authentic data recovery from missing/lost/formatted Partitions Competently performs cloning and imaging for Pen drives with bad sectors Efficiently recovers the deleted Partition or data even if FAT/MFT meta tags are overwritten Perfectly recovers data from the Logical Drives It can easily perform the Bad Sector Management Review of Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool Data stored in any storage device is never cent percent secure and Pen Drive is no less than that. Pen Drive being small and portable is widely used by many so as transfer data from one place to another. So risk of data corruption in pen drive is more than any other storage device as it is used in different – different system so often. In such scenario, one should always keep an Indomitable Pen Drive Data recovery tool along with it while using Pen Drive. As this tool is the most convenient and easy way to get back the unreadable data. System Requirements for Pen Drive:- Hardware Requirements 512 MB RAM (Windows NT, XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003) 1 GB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008) 50 MB available Hard Disk space File System Supported FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP Windows Server 2008, 2003 and 2000 800 MHZ Processor or higher Operating System Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows Server 2008 Positive Points Vital option in case of stupendous data recovery and Bad Sector Management Negative Points Can take time in case overwritten data Incredible Feature of the tool: It incorporates advance and powerful search features Master in case of bad senatorial management The tool can support numerous languages Imbibe with advance and powerful search option Recover data from logical drives Ensure absolute data restoration Simple and easy GUI technique Astounding Ability The entire credit to the credibility of the software goes to the advance technology used to develop this tool. The tool is a result best Pen Drive tool Development team so one cannot doubt on the efficiency of the tool. Working Ability Purchase the utility by selecting Buy Now option and launch the utility to get back the Pen Drive Data by selecting appropriate mode of recovery. Check preview and save the required data at user preferred location.
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