Good Things are Coming into our Path of Life, so Never Stops Walking

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - Good Things are Coming into our Path of Life, so Never Stops Walking
Bangkok, Thailand
December 28, 2014 10:08pm CST
Life is very unpredictable and can leave us amazed that we couldn’t explain to anyone, and almost everyone who want to have the good experiences of communicating with others. The more active we are, the faster we can encounter something and sooner we will have the chance to meet something, whether it bring advantage or disadvantages for us. We always need to face with the setbacks in life, but once we’ve learned from it, we will be pointed to better direction next time, with the experience we’ve gained from there. In contrast, there are also plenty of good opportunities out there in which we can take advantage from that to compensate for our previous losses. We need to stay positive and simply continue with what we are doing, always act with cautious and think first everything before we decide to do on something. If we do not understand something completely, should take the time to first find out what it really is, we can also ask others or Google before we decide on what should we do on it. We cannot 100% behind for the decision that we’ve make without a total understand on it, so please be certain before making any hastily decision. That is our strength to keep on going, because it reduces the chance for things to fail due to our own fault. Caution is an important reminder for our daily life, any wrong decision can lead us into trouble, and we might not get ourselves out from there. Never stop running and always keep the faith that good things will arrive soon in our life path, how honest we are, the more opportunities we can create to encounter it ourselves with the ultimate contingency plan. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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