My "Golden years" are far from golden!

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December 30, 2014 5:55am CST
I'm really stressed! One of my granddaughters is addicted to drugs, spends every penny she can get her hands on for cigarettes and drugs-and she wants my wife and I let her live with us. My stepson is trying to stay out of jail, trying to get house arrest instead. My grandson Josh is in jail and being transferred to prison for a multitude of offenses. I think the worse offense is after another grandfather and my other stepson (Josh's uncle, who is taking care of his father, the grandpa Josh stole from) let Josh stay with him and feed him (after Josh just got out of jail). Josh turns around and steals that grandfather's debit card and then withdraws his grandpa's disability check. I don't know if I can forgive him for that. My wife is now almost totally blind, has heart problems and is a brittle diabetic. I take complete care of her, even though I have Celebral Atrophy (my brain is shrinking., it's kind of like Alzheimer's), I'm almost deaf, have rapid cycling bi-polar disorder and Intersital lung disease. I don't know what will happen to her when I get to the point where I am incapable of caring for us. I never had any kids of my own. She has three kids and we have 14 grandchildren. Usually, with the exception of one granddaughter and one niece, we only hear from them when they want something. It's weird, but it felt good to get that off of my chest!
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30 Dec 14
Hang in there. Do the best you can. Don't give the kids any money and don't let them live with you. You will have nothing left. If they do steal from you turn them in, jail is the best place for them if they aren't going to go to rehab. Spend the rest of your years taking care of yourself and your wife. Be kind to yourself! Hugs
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@flpoolbum (2918)
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4 Jan 15
Thank you.