Shenzhen Qingyuan waterproof technology company limited profile

Shenzhen Qingyuan waterproof
Shenzhen, China
January 5, 2015 7:39pm CST
Shenzhen Qingyuan waterproof technology company limited was established in 2013, is a company based in Shenzhen, the radiation research and development, production, marketing and sales of integrated high technology companies. The company operates a number of waterproof Nano devices and polymer coating, the introduction of Taiwan advanced patented formula, combined with the company's own strength by expert instruction on equipment overall innovation, committed to advanced high-tech waterproofing technologies available to people in everyday life. Company headquarters is located in Shenzhen, in Beijing, and Xian, and Zhengzhou, and Shanghai has marketing division, has a only professional of operations team, powerful and effective of market promotion capacity, spirit "active innovation, and integrity operating" of purposes, quality guarantees, and cooperation total win of operating concept, to good of products quality and quality of after-sales service won has general cooperation partners of support, has and domestic over well-known transnational enterprise established has good of strategy cooperation partners relationship. To further standardize and ensure customer service, Qingyuan waterproof integrity serving customer awareness through unremitting efforts, diligence, development, exhibition platform of praise and recognition by many people from all walks, but also attract many customers visit it heartily to negotiate, in consultation and cooperation. Sichuan information industry trade association inaugural meeting in Beijing in April 2014, Qingyuan water all the more favored by the business community, the General Assembly was the honour Award for "Executive Member". Qingyuan cause once again into a waterproof layer! Qingyuan people hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow, with unremitting efforts to move forward in a spirit of wisdom, progress is quietly writing a waterproof phone history a glorious new chapter!
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