What’s the Characteristic of the nonwoven fabric?

Wuhan, China
January 6, 2015 1:57am CST
Nonwoven fabric doesn’t have Latitude and longitude lines, Tailoring and sewing is very easy, So it is warmly welcomed by handicraft lovers. It is formed without Spinning and weaving, just making short fibers and Filament do the oriented or random arrangement to forming fiber net structure, and then adopt Mechanic or hot sticking or chemical methods to fasten it. It is not knitted by many yarns, but adhere fibers directly by physic methods, that’s why you didn’t pick out any threads from nonwoven cloths, So Nonwovens breaks through the traditional principle of textile, it has many advantages , like short and simple process, fast producing speed, high yield, low cost, wider application, Sufficient raw materials and so on. more information, check:
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