Improved situation in Wa State

United States
January 7, 2015 2:57pm CST
So I finally found a full time job, and its about time too. But I still need a little help in getting the rest of my belongings out of storage and up here. It took me so long to find this job that the storage unit went unpaid for for a few months and will end up being up for auction on the 20th and I lose everything at that point. Id rather that not happen. For the full story stop by my gofundme If yall can help awesome! I love you forever. I know that when I pay this forward I'm going to make sure a person doesn't end up homeless and on the street like I came within a hairs breath of doing myself, help them get back on their feet. But that's in the future of course. Thank you in advance.
So Ive now landed a full time 40 an hour a week job and I just talked to the property manager to see if something could be worked out so that I dont lose my belongings. Pretty important when you consider that some of the things I have are not replaceable,
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@jiugen (120)
• Shenzhen, China
8 Jan 15
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