How to properly maintain the rubber mould

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
January 8, 2015 7:21pm CST
Each thing has a certain life span, in order to extend the useful life, China mould supplier teach you to know the right way to maintain the following is the correct way to maintain on rubber moulds. First, regular maintenance of die wear curve for thoes from die casting mould wholesale, is present in each mold. Mold maintenance is abnormal wearing in the realization of the field, this time punching the number is easy to learn. When the number of processing meet, mold maintenance realization, maintenance schedules, maintenance projects not only easy to learn, bacome easy to control maintenance time.Second, improved maintenance in order to extend the life of the die, the quality and stability, easy maintenance and other purposes, and improved mold mold part special maintenance.Third, routine maintenance is the normal rubber mold cleaning, inspection, and moved to oil. This job is usually to confirm the mold in a normal state, early detection of abnormalities.Fourth, the state of repair of the accident rubber mold, there will be some changes in the formation of the state can not continue to use. If you prepare to buy auto part mould,you should know that such burrs will become large for the wrong size, such as the burning scars, mold parts. Since the beginning of similar abnormal mold repair and maintenance of content called accidents. Such maintenance generally used until near the limit, if the rubber mold maintenance costs of time is more important is that the mold life is short. Because this is a sudden maintenance, so there must be a device to stop the program, and emergency repairs.
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