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January 8, 2015 9:06pm CST
Customer general information 1. Customer Location of copper equipment manufacture : Mumbai, India 2. Production information Production: brass round rods (60% copper) Specifications: 25mm-50mm 3. Manufacture information Monthly output: 300 tons (semifinished product) Annual output: 3000-3500 tons (semifinished product) Customize basis 1. Customer production: brass round rods, diameter: 25-50mm. Suggestions: suppose to use horizontal and customized copper casting machine, which benefits from its relative big size brass rods working efficiency. Reasons: not like small size copper rods below 20 or 25mm, it usually use up-casting machine. Because it could benefit from producing more numbers strands of small size copper and its technology without oxygen. 2. Monthly output: 300 tons (semifinished product) Annual output: 3000-3500 tons (semifinished product) Suggestions: suppose to use the 120KW melting furnace and the 75KW temperature holding furnace for store and casting. Reasons: the set of melting and holding furnace output maximum is on 400 tons/month and 3500-3800 tons/year (semifinished product). Toni gives you the most suitable equipments and will not let you pay more money on it. 3. Production specification: diameter 25-50mm Suggestions: suppose to use 1.5KW motor for casting machine. Reasons: the 1.5KW motor has enough power to casting brass rod between 25-50mm and the maximum range of diameter it can cast is ?6-60mm. Therefore suppose to use the casting machine with 1.5KW motor. Customized production informations Items Structure and Capacity Output Electrical Requirements(KVA) HORIZONTAL CASTING FURNACE Structure: 1. Holding furnace is connecting with melting furnace. Melting furnace Melting Box Size:600mm*460mm*500mm Melting Box Capacity: 2 tons Holding furnace Holding Box Size: 600*460*500 Holding Box Capacity: 1.5 tons Total capacity: 3.5 tons 2. electrical control system Mainly composed by 250A AC contactors, 30 Kvar capacitor and so on electrical components. 300 tons/month About 3000-3500 tons / year (semifinished product) Melting furnace:120KW It can reach Exactly 140KW Holding furnace:75KW It can reach Exactly 90KW Total KVA: 200KVA~240KVA Items Description Electrical Requirements(KVA) HORIZONTAL CASTING Machine Structure: Composed by variable speed motor, normal motor, gears and wheels. (With 1.5KW normal motor and four wheels) 2~3KW
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