How to wear clip in hair

January 9, 2015 8:42pm CST
1.Purchase clip-in extensions that match your hair color. The easiest way to detect clip-in extensions is by the color. Non-matching colors will expose you every time. 2.Make sure the clip-in extensions are thoroughly affixed. The last thing you need is for the clip-in to fall onto the floor while you are in an important meeting with your boss. 3.Untangle the clip-in hair by combing through it with a wide-tooth comb. Placing a tangled clip-in is very detectable and can actually get intermixed with your real hair and cause it to break. 4.Buy clip-in extensions that are close to your hair in length. If you have chin-length hair and you wear a piece that is down to your ankles, you aren't fooling anyone. The closer in length to your natural hair, the better. 5.Trash clip-ins that are old. Sometimes, it's beneficial to have extensions with a little wear and tear; however, when they are too old, they start to look like pieces of carpet as opposed to hair extensions.
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