Professional Development for Teachers

Astana, Kazakhstan
January 11, 2015 1:39am CST
Honestly speaking it is very difficult to teach if you have limited knowledge and skills in teaching. I could still remember during my first 3 years of teaching. It was a total mess for me and for my students. Now, it's a different story after I had undergone to series of courses from American College of Education I can feel that everything that I do in my class seems to work effectively and help me also to connect with my students. I can attest to American College of Education tagline the more you learn the more your students learn... # I would like to share a Professional Development from UDEMY it is called Reasonable teaching: 13x4 to Master the Art of Teaching...Get involve and share your experience.
Master the art of teaching by focusing on just one thing at a time, using an adapted 13x4 for education, the 9x4. - Free Course
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