shenzhen Qingyuan waterproof technology

Shenzhen, China
January 12, 2015 2:28am CST
As the National Alliance-oriented enterprise, while we are focusing on their own development, but also to social responsibility and to promote social harmony and progress. Since the company established, Qingyuan water sustainable development integrated into marketing, business operations, and the establishment of management systems, promoting sustainable development in the "us" falls to the ground. Looking to the future, Qingyuan waterproofing will continue their efforts to create economic benefit, both opportunities and challenges for sustainable development, close cooperation with stakeholders, continue to improve its management of sustainable development to help create a harmonious business environment. With the marketing division of Qingyuan waterproof increasingly established throughout the country more and more for improving organizational building, build system support, through process-building, sustainable development management we cure. A century-old enterprise, talent management is the Foundation. Only relies on loyalty enterprise of talent, to guarantee enterprise of development, to guarantee technology innovation, and management innovation and marketing innovation, Qingyuan waterproof always insisted will talent of introduced, and training and development as company continued development of based guarantees, through established science full of talent selection method, and formed system professional of talent training system, and building fair just of talent development mechanism, and take transparent specification of talent incentive measures, and training respecting total win of talent retained environment, build a support professional capacity first-class, and thought quality excellent, and Fidelity enterprise, innovation, strive for excellence in our workforce. Waterproof phone equipment, from Taiwan's high-tech achievements. A market share of more than 10 billion years of cake invites you to share!
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