When We Know our Talent, do Not Waste it, because a Ship is Safe in Harbor but this Lost the Purpose of Building it.

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - When We Know our Talent, do Not Waste it, because a Ship is Safe in Harbor but this Lost the Purpose of Building it
Bangkok, Thailand
January 12, 2015 5:23am CST
Everyone have their own talent, but some of us not yet discovered it and are still searching to know what exact talent they do possess. Some already know what talent they have but do not have the opportunities to implement it, while there are people who possess a lesser degree in their endowment but already have use it to build for their future. These are sometimes incomprehensible and there is nothing we can do about it at the circumstances in which are, we should just deal with it, because no one want uncertainties everyone go for certainty, so we should always be caution while taking actions to avoid the end results are being questionable. This already indicated that if we have something for certain talents and others know about that it is better to continue along in our careers than staying still at there. Our time fully devote to this matter are going to spread to the infinite, because we will learn every day and it will only strengthen our position. If we have talents for example football, it is not wise to commit our career into tennis, we can treat it as our amateur hobby but this is not going to help us for our future-oriented thinking. It is always best if we can do things follow our heart but we must be prudent and not to waste our time and energy on something which do not offer future opportunities for us as we need it in our life. Always follow our passion, it is best when we have this about something, so from there we can also further excel in what will give the best combination of happiness and contentment for us. Do not waste our talents because when we have the ability to build a ship, we should not just anchor it in the harbor, and since we have the talent to be a good captain from every Yacht and is capable to handle it ( www.easybranches.pro/yachts ) through high seas without having fear to accept challenge, then we should fully use our talent. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/when-we-know-our-talent-do-not-waste-it-because-a-ship-is-safe-in-harbor-but-this-lost-the-purpose-of-building-it
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