I have an hdmi capable camera and a hd tv. Look for hdmi 1x4 splitter

Beijing, China
January 13, 2015 7:55pm CST
I have an hdmi capable camera and a hd tv I looked online and found out that I could use composite cables to ? Do you know an hdmi 1x4 splitter can solve this problem ? Record my Xbox360 using hdmi 1x4 splitter and connecting the Xbox composite cables and the camcorder composite cables to the y splitter so I could record my Xbox with the camcorder but can u do the same with hdmi splitters, everything I have is capable of hdmi I just want to know if it would work. HDMI is a digital connection which includes a two way "hand shake" protocol (resolution negotiation for example), you can't "split" it you must "switch" it or use a powered, active device. There are selector switches that have one input and a choice of two or more outputs ( 1x2, 1x4, etc), but the outputs are used one at a time. You need an hdmi 1x4 splitter This article is provided by
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