Feel like your naked when you are wearing cloths.

United States
January 13, 2015 11:13pm CST
Ok, the title is probably going a little out there, but this small message and title is actually getting a lot of attention in regards to people wanting to get in shape. Meaning, I just launched my small business; I do independent consulting for people wanting to get in shape for their new-year's resolution and have the bodies of their dreams by the summertime. I found a small formula that helps them in their body-shaping feats and it is gracefully working wonders for them. But, this is not the reason I am posting. I just wanted to know if there are overseas markets that can be reached in different countries from a psychographic prospective? The reason I posted the title is because I wonder if an ad like the one in my title would get the attention of a target market of a culture from another country. Of course, this question is for anyone who specializes in business or marketing. :) Thanks, and God bless!
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