January 15, 2015 11:21pm CST
First, the easiest to sob - it IS on scarf as by tying, tying at the back of the head by hair s in a strong knot. The free ends can throw over your shoulder - it will give way flirtatious. Another option - to engage in a form on the binding, but leave the ends of the top and make them beautiful surround bow races on lochia his side or directly on top of the head. In this case, the end of the scarf can make even a flower, IP on luau for bonding beautiful pins. Isa on lute up for ADDITIONAL decorations. Having passed through a beautiful scarf buckle and to knit on the head, you bode look elegant and festive. Volos s in this case it is possible to dissolve, and you can collect them into a ponytail at the nape. Instead buckle decoration can serve as a beautiful site. It can races on both lay down on the middle and side. Note that in this case the scarf to be bulky, because of a thin scarf is not on radiates a spectacular site. Long scarf can be to knit around the head several times, so that the ends were on top of them and chop off there between a beautiful large brooches. Handkerchief can be collected (as a rubber band) hairs in the "pony tail" on the back of the head or top of the head, dismissing or shook their ends at the base of the tail. Thin scarf you can just tie around the head - will be the image for a hippie-like, and woven into a braid, as a tape, it will give your image of sophistication. Tight bun collected at the nape looks exquisite, if a handkerchief to wrap it nice and can be twisted together several colorful scarves and to knit them as for mating. If a scarf and warm in the cold for the year it can be to throw on the head like a hood. In this way you will look great paired with a classic coat or cloak-trench. With a short leather jacket will look good bright scarf on duty on his head as a headscarf. Cross the ends ford by, tie them to the back of the head in a beautiful site. Wide bright or monophonic can to knit on the head as a bandana.
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