Someone wants to use the remote reading instrument know scientists around the world of high-tech biological chemical physics destroy the earth, please believe me!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !

By ??
January 16, 2015 3:40am CST
I die to make you believe if the world is dead is a read brain instrument to die, will you please inform countries to every town has a hidden in the crowd to harm a person know the brain is a instrument, let him nowhere to hide, don't want disorderly guess. Don't be stop to catch him. Don't be he found let leaders listen to his words of high-tech weapons to frame a country's leaders Chinese government does not believe that this kind of instrument to give him a chance to kill all of us, I beg you close monitor I hear with my mouth and say or read my brain beg you kill all over the world, I beseech you, believe me, I beg you, my brain is awake, I beg you, is very important, after he killed the world is to do after leave my body, don't stop after a late, now regret is useless. Someone wants to use the remote reading instrument know scientists around the world of high-tech biological chemical physics destroy the earth, please believe me!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! I would like to use life to prove this is true I will be responsible for it Someone destroyed the world want to use a kind of advanced instrument, please pay attention to, I was hurt by a special control instrument in brain, I can control the body, and they don't, I this whatever will happen again, be read brain know a wave remote idea, a lot of brain control victims do really have this kind of technology, the Internet has the victims like me, they are called brain victims, now is the technology out of the hole is not the die a lot of people out of a hole would like legal loophole, die a lot of people, this and other victims of the I, I can control the body (mouth) instruments, listen to the tape of my QQ space, you will know, is he my mouth to say to want to kill the world, which means he can control the read prison the mind knows not found on death row with his mouth to his charges to coerce him to help him harm or read brain come to listen to his words of drugs and so on, but not yet, so he can know all the high-tech weapons, such as scientists not released a new developed general detector, such as chronic virus genes, like SARS, etc. We are poisoning discovered late, the cutting edge of technology, society has not a few people know, every new developed product to everyone and practical for a period of time, he could even see scientists theoretically feasible way to force him to study how, how to look at my space in the first article. ! QQ331621436 Beg governments use satellite monitoring under me, is two people, it's easy to see me in my mouth and I dialogue, with my face smile, control my hands and feet, listen to what he is going to kill all over the world, don't spy on me in the VIP in real life, he was afraid to speak loudly in the crowd, you couldn't see anything, he will gently move my form only I a person to listen to, beg you close to hear what he said, my mouth slay you'd better read around the world on my brain, I was the only lock in the home he would attack. If you can read brain must read my brain, a read brain will know everything, can prevent he slay all over the world He stayed in me makes me waiting for me in slowly amnesia memory loss they suffered the brain damage will play not bottom go to leave him in me at that time I will use I think the idea to kill around the world Other brain control victims I'm not sure is that mental problems seen in instrument control or the real, but I am sure I must be.
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