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San Jose, California
January 19, 2015 4:43am CST
Among so many magnificent attractions I had visited, one of those impressed me mostly is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the most sacred monument in Xi'an- which was built in 652 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty for the monk Xuanzang, who traveled across India for 18 years and bring back precious collection of Buddhist scriptures. In 1966, the Red Guards burnt the pagoda's scriptures, silk wall hangings and other relics in a bonfire that raged all night. But that destruction has largely been forgotten as tourists flock to the newly renovated pagoda complex, where elaborate halls and temples venerate the Buddha. The only original remnant - the stark, empty shell of the seven-storey pagoda - lights up at night, standing out in the skyline of city. If you are lucky enough to get to the top of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda at one day when the weather is fine, you would get an wonderful view in all directions, seeing the perpetually snow capped Mount Zhongnan about 40 kilometers away, and the surrounding pastoral landscape. from:
Big Wild Goose Pagoda also called Dayan Pagoda is known as Buddhist pagoda located in south of Xi'an, there has the Asia's largest musical fountain plaza for tourists to enjoy fantastic big wild goose pagoda fountain show.
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