It’s all another cybercrime: How these attacks affect UK Businesses

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Amritsar, India
January 23, 2015 12:51am CST
Last year, UK business owners complained that cybercrime was a real business concern. But, it wasn’t because of a loss of data and concern over a breach of sensitive information. UK business owners worried these data breaches will cause a major disruption to their business. Thirty-six percent were concerned that a loss in productivity would affect business external costs, well above revenue or equipment losses (17 and 4%. respectively). It isn’t hard to see why Raid server data recovery and HDD data recovery can be a valid concern for many in the UK. While it may be true those in the UK not be the country to suffer the most from data, it is still a concern. UK managers may do well to look at into how having continuous data protection as part of their overall data disaster recovery planning. At a little more than £4 per data loss instance, the UK remains well below the U.S.’s more than £11 per incident. What must UK company heads consider to keep data safe from hackers? While US companies claim their major expense is fighting a cyber-attack, UK companies say the most expensive part of cybercrime is the cost to recovery from such crime. Why are UK businesses concerned about these costs? Rarely is the fee for Memory card recovery or Raid server data recovery in the form of a fine that UK companies must pay for not upholding security according to data privacy laws. Instead, the cost may come in the form of increase insurance premiums because of the theft. Data design for recovery as important as data recovery when it comes to Attacks It isn’t only recovering from an attack that is important to UK businesses, but how to mitigate costs and keep from having to keep paying for costs related to a cybercrime. For those in the UK, data planning is a way UK businesses can protect themselves against cyber criminals and keep their data loss fines and cost per incident low. When disaster does hit, well planned UK businesses have not only a recovery point objective when it comes to HHD recovery or memory card recovery, they also have an estimated time or recovery time objective with Raid server data recovery. Most attacked in the UK are smaller businesses. These suffer the greatest losses from being unprepared for a data loss. Both IT personnel and managers must work together to not only stop cyber-attacks, but also to keep cybercrime from having any effect on business operations on a daily basis. Have you ever had personnel in a company who disagreed to work with each other because they disagreed on how to proceed after a POS attack? Do you think the UK is better protected than most other countries against cyber-attacks and business delays from data loss?At Manchester Data Recovery, we can recover your lost photos, files, and music files. We can also fix your Raid system errors. Before you lose your data, please visit us:
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