what do you think about dream?

@MusesM (587)
January 24, 2015 3:44am CST
i dream everyday,always bad dream,i hate dream,so what do you guy think about dream?
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@francesca5 (1344)
26 Jan 15
its generally accepted that dreams are our subconscious mind telling us things, but they don't predict the future, they just explain our feelings to us in metaphor. if you are having bad dreams it is most likely there is some aspect of your life you don't like. It may mean you feel stuck in a relationship, or have some fear that is holding you back from doing what you want, something like that. I like my dreams at the moment, I haven't always, but it can be a good idea to keep a dream diary and write them down. I found when doing that that I understood what they were telling me about my real world life.
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• Baharestan, Iran
26 Jan 15
hi i like all my dreams . and you ?
26 Jan 15
@mana1F hello, I don't always like my dreams, I had a bad one the other night, but I like them even when they are bad, because they tell me that there is something bothering me, and its always good to know this.
@MusesM (587)
29 Jan 15
@francesca5 is that true?