Why malware appears to be winning pieces of UK customers Information

Amritsar, India
February 2, 2015 6:16am CST
UK businesses may have acknowledged data recovery is needed and these organizations should update networks as soon as updates are available. But, in house IT professionals admit to not updating as quickly as they should. In fact, last year Twitter announced 250,000 accounts of prestigious UK companies and other smaller businesses had been hacked. This was far from an isolated attempt. Twitter has since updated their system with a two-step identification process that has made impossible for hackers to steal passwords, user names, and email addresses. But, it is not just hackers that should have businesses on high alert. Roughly 35 percent of businesses have been infected by malware attacks. However, many business heads and IT professionals admit their companies need to be more proactive about malware and hacking attacks. Did you know 26 percent of the same UK companies also admitted in another study that their IT professionals did not discover they had been infected or attacked until months later? These incidents have called into question whether UK IT professionals are lax when it comes to network security and applying much needed patches and updates. What does this mean for the UK’s new data protection Regulations? Companies may have a tougher time keeping customers personal data secure, especially after 21 percent of IT professionals said vulnerability in installed software lead to a security breach. How can companies protect UK customer’s data if they must watch for weak links in software they installed in their systems? Should UK companies be held accountable for the weak links provided by third-parties? With these questions still unanswered, London businesses and UK businesses elsewhere should look deeply at options if they are held accountable for the malware breaches. Could UK companies be bankrupted by the inability to keep hackers from gaining access to sensitive data? How can businesses best protect themselves against the rising fees that will ensue? UK companies must look long and hard at their security. Protection across multiple platforms a Help? Some companies, and even some websites, have started using a two-step verification process. However, it may be too early to see what impact this will have on UK companies who have suffered data losses in the past and have vowed to do more to protect customer data. Will data regulations bankrupt companies who may be at the mercy of third-party vendors whose software have unseen vulnerabilities? Should companies update their data loss recovery plans to reflect these oversights? Though it may not do much to curb the data loss after the fact, isn’t it nice to find data recovery specialists who can recover lost customer data quickly? At Manchester Data Recovery, we can recover your lost photos, files, and music files. We can also fix your Raid system errors. Before you lose your data, please visit us at:
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