How to use a wii to hdmi converter ? Do you know ?

Beijing, China
February 11, 2015 2:27am CST
My brother bought a house where the living room entertainment center was already set up so that you could only hook up stuff through an hdmi setup in a nearby closet.He's trying to figure out how to rig a Wii up to this thing(it really is probably the best console for him).Component and composite are not options for him and look for best vga to hdmi converter. What's the best hdmi converter and ypbpr to hdmi scaler.He could use to get both his video and audio running through an hdmi cable ? Also, he'll need a wireless sensor bar. I'm not aware of an HDMI cable for the Wii and wii to hdmi converter , especially not one from Nintendo (which are usually the best way to go), but if I were a bettin' gal,I'd say you could search Amazon or eBay (I'd try Amazon first) and come up with something. Anyone like mini av to hdmi converter ? Anyone like sdi to hdmi converter ? This article is provided by
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