Technoduce Unveils New POS Application- DucePOS

Coimbatore, India
February 20, 2015 7:01am CST
Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt Ltd., a leading web designing firm and app developer, recently unveiled its new POS application named, DucePOS. A POS meaning a Point of Sale system, is an application that is used by every business house to record their minute-to-minute sales and transactions. This is most commonly seen in retail stores, restaurants and other merchants of the type, where the total number of goods and their prices with corresponding taxes are displayed on bills or receipts. Nevertheless, this process has become more gruesome with the advent of e-commerce and the numerous types of sales made at the same time. The DucePOS solves this problem with a simple user-friendly interface that can be be used on hand-held devices such as androids and tablets. Details of a company's staff, stock, and customer details can be managed on the same platform at ease. Storage of customer's details through cloud computing keeps a tab on every transaction, and enables to retrieve more business by keeping in constant touch with the customers. Special offers, discounts and other important news can be shared via emails and phone-calls. With these features, DucePOS may soon become a common term on the tongue of every business person. Technoduce has in fact, announced an offer, in which the first 100 users to get registered, can download the software for free! So what are you waiting for? Hurry! About Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt Ltd. Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a mobile application development company and also provides web designing services. The main products of Technoduce are DucePlus, Nectarchat and DucePOS. The modern technology and efficient personnel are used to make each product unique and customer-friendly. The firm intends to spread its wings and makes its presence felt across the globe. Originality, Innovation and client satisfaction are Technoduce's main goals.
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