The Importance of Insuring Your Bike

Mumbai, India
February 25, 2015 3:41am CST
As a cyclist, you know that anything can happen to your bike at any time so do cycling companies. Many companies that sell MTB bikes recommend that you insure your bike. These bikes can be expensive, and the damages caused by any accident can be more than you can handle to afford. Are You Already Covered? Just like vehicles, most mountain bikes for sale do not automatically come with insurance. You will have to shop around for it. Before you go shopping for cycling insurance, make sure that you aren't already covered by another type of insurance you already have. Some homeowner's insurance may already have your bike covered under the personal property part of your policy. You may also be covered under your motor vehicle insurance. Some insurance policies will give you liability coverage. This means if you injure someone and you are sued, you are covered. You may also have the type of insurance that will pay for medical costs in the case of this kind of incident. Accidents Happen Every cyclist has gotten into at least one accident in their lifetime. You may have hit a car, scratched up your paint job and theirs, and done irreparable damage to both of your vehicles. Or you may have just been involved in a minor accident with another cyclist. Bicycle insurance covers you in the event of an accident. This includes damage to property, damage to your bike done by your or someone else, or damage while travelling. Some insurance providers offer racing insurance too. This insurance covers the above scenarios if they happen while you are racing. If Your Bike is Stolen If your bike is stolen, you will need money in order to cover the cost of it. Some insurance will even cover your accessories, like your lock and chain. Most insurance policies will only cover your bike under certain circumstances. You may need to keep your bike locked up safely. If it is stolen in a public area, your insurance company needs to know you locked up your bike to prevent the theft before they cover you. A Good Place to Start Some companies that have mountain bikes for sale in the UK have partnered with insurance companies to help you get the coverage you need. Check with the company you bought your bike from to see if they have any recommendations for insurance. GoodBikeGear offers more information on insuring your bike on their website, visit
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