Who announces the Addition of the Vivid AV 4K,3D HDMI Splitter

Beijing, China
February 27, 2015 3:58am CST
With the addition of the Vivid AV 4K,3D hdmi 1x4 HDMI Splitter,Computer Cable Store offers consumers another option for High Quality video integration. An hdmi 1x8 splitter takes a signal from one source and sends it to two separate displays.A switcher,on the other hand,connects several devices to one display. The Vivid AV 4K, 3D hdmi 1x8 splitter is designed to take advantage of the benefits of digital media and sallow the highest quality video and audio signal. Used in most modern HDTVs,The various devices are connected through HDMI Cables. Different types of cables are available but the Vivid AV 4K hdmi splitter is able to handle most of them. This devices is HDCP compliant, which is a security feature developed by the Intel Corporation that requires the use of HDCP-certified products in order to receive an HDCP-encrypted digital signal. This will ensure the rendering of HD content with no interruptions, said Jeramie Cavanaugh, Senior Tech Analyst at Computer Cable Store.At last,Don't miss this sdi 1x2 splitter. While 4K TVs are currently a specialty item a sdi 1x4 splitter allows for future-proofing to keep entertainment centers alive and well for years to come. This article is provided by
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