Why cloud hosting is considered as the best hosting services?

Noida, India
March 12, 2015 6:31am CST
Growing advancement in information and technology had led to the advent of cloud technology. More and more businesses are turning towards this emerging technology to gain competitive edge over their competitors. A new paradigm that has been added to hosting realm nowadays is cloud hosting. Let’s try to discuss in detail what exactly is cloud hosting and why it’s been considered as one of the best hosting services by the businesses who have embraced this technology. By now most of you must be aware about this terminology. Yet, there must be some who still not aware about this technology. What is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting, also known as clustered hosting, can be defined as a network of servers combined together to meet resource requirements. The hosted cloud servers are not placed at the same physical place or data center (which means these servers can be placed in dispersed location as well. Here is a snapshot about the key benefits of the cloud hosting services that has made it the most preferred solution among the businesses are: • Scalability: By opting for cloud hosting solutions, you can scale your resources up or down as per your increase or decreasing business requirements. This is one of the unique features of cloud servers that you hardly find in other type of hosting provision. • Increased collaboration: It promotes increased collaboration. Through syncing feature of cloud you and employees can view, edit and share your documents or files with a click of a button. According to one of the survey reports conducted by Frost & Sullivan, it has been revealed that businesses who have embraced cloud hosting technology got four times returns on the investment they have done. • Disaster recovery: This is one of the most compelling advantages of cloud servers. Since your data is stored in a remote location hence chances of data is zero. In any unexpected happening, your data can be recovered within no time. • Anytime and anywhere accessibility: This feature empowers the user to access their data without any time or location restrictions. For more info visit us -
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