Rain Water Harvesting

Meerut, India
March 17, 2015 7:20pm CST
Underground water levels have been depleting at a very fast rate. One of way of trying to maintain underground water level is rainwater harvesting. In this process rainwater is not allowed to get wasted away instead it is accumulated and stored in natural reservoirs or tanks for reuse of water. This is an eco-friendly measure of sustaining water level.Texas residential rainwater collection system installs their collection system that uses best materials and technology. Simple illustration shows the water that falls on the metal roof gets collected in a tank via a Gutter and filter in the tank. Rain water collecting system The rainwater collection system is primarily based on 3 principle components: Catchment Area Rooftop catchments are collection of rooftop water by a vessel being placed at the corner of the rooftop and it get collected in the tank by a gutter. Land catchment provides opportunity of collecting water from a larger surface area. Collection Devices The collection devices consist of storage tanks or rainfall water containers. The storage tanks can be placed either above or below the ground. Rainfall water containers are an alternative to storage containers. Conveyance Systems This system transfers the water from the rooftop to the storage tanks. Usually gutters are used to transfer the water to these tanks. Installation of Rainwater Harvest system Texas Rainwater Harvesting Installers are professionals who come to your house or office to install the rainwater harvesting system Texas.They will provide you the quote along with the total cost and the timeline required for the project to get completed. Post discussion the installation is done and you can begin rainwater harvesting. They offer complete rainwater harvesting systems comprising of catchment area, collection devices and conveyance system. Factors that affect harvesting The factors that affect the collection of rainwater by using the Texas rainwater collecting system are – The annual rainfall in your area. The total area available for harvesting. The size of the storage tank you install. Benefits of rainwater harvesting It is easy to maintain system. The overall cost incurred during installation and operation is much lower than that of a water purifying system. Reduces your water bills by reusing the water for many non-drinking purposes. Especially for small businesses and families it saves a lot on the utility bill. This system of water collection is useful for irrigation purposes. It helps in reduction of demand for groundwater. The demand by many residential societies and industries have led to groundwater depletion. The harvesting of rainwater will reduce the demand for groundwater. This water can be used for various non-drinking purposes. Be it for household work or field work it is very useful. It also reduces soil erosionand floods. Drawbacks The unpredictable nature of rainfall is suitable only to areas that receive high rainfall. The cost of setting up a water harvesting system is expensive based on the technology being used and the system size. Requirement of regular maintenance due to the system being prone to lizards, rodents and insects.
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But mostly the rain water is acidic.