New low water peak fiber optic communications for MAN

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
March 18, 2015 1:13am CST
MAN need to consider simplifying the design of equipment and reduce costs, but also need to consider the possibility of non-WDM (CWDM) applications. Low water peak fiber made by fiber optic cable supplier extension in 1360 ~ 1460nm band bandwidth is greatly expanded, so has been greatly optimized CWDM system, increasing the transmission channel, an increase of transmission distance. Some metropolitan design may only require a low water peak fiber, also called fiber with negative dispersion value,a good fiber optic adaptor wholesale can build a amazing continue step. The fiber with negative dispersion value can offset the positive dispersion of the light source device, on the other hand can be combined with the use of this negative dispersion fiber G.652 fiber or G.655 standard fiber, the use of it for dispersion compensation, dispersion compensation in order to avoid complex design, and cost savings. If in the future the use of optical fiber raman amplification technology in the metro, this network will also have a distinct advantage for fiber optic manufacturer in china. But after all MAN specification is not very mature, so the fiber MAN MAN specifications will change with constantly changing patterns.
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